The New Roman Missal, Part 3

In this podcast, Father Beidelman and I examine specific changes in the revised translation of the third edition of the Roman Missal. Father Beidelman presents not only the reasons for the translation changes but also the underlying biblical and theological foundation of the liturgical language. The conversation highlights 4 particular changes: “And with your spirit,” “consubstantial,” and the Words of Institution (“chalice of My Blood,” “poured out for many”).

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2 Responses to The New Roman Missal, Part 3

  1. Stephen Dyer says:

    I appreciate you and Father Pat taking the time for these pocasts on the new Missal. I told our Administrator that I think these would really be good for the older members to listen to. I have learned alot listening to them. Thanks again for your time.

  2. Carolyn Mc Cullum says:

    I just had a chance to listen to the 3rd. podcast and was thoroughly delighted with its content. It is very enlightening, informative, and very educational and a god-send to the older generation. I can’t wait until this weekend is over so I can listen and learn from all the other podcasts. I especially like the fact that you tell where in the bible the content is located. Please, please continue with these podcasts and any other materials you wish to share to help us all grow in knowledge and understanding of our beautiful faith. Thank you Fr. Pat and Bishop Coyne and may God bless you both as you continue to serve our church.

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