One Pastor – Multiple Parishes, Part 2

Bishop Christopher Coyne and Father Jonathan Meyer conclude their conversation about the challenges facing the Church, priests and parishioners when it comes to having a pastor responsible for multiple parishes. Father Meyer currently is pastor of 3 parishes and shares with Bishop Coyne some of the joys and burdens of such an assignment. Noteworthy in their conversation is the place of a “Communion Service” when no Daily Mass is offered. Bishop Coyne points out importance of BOTH sacrifice and communion when attempting to participate in the Most Holy Eucharist. For this reason, Father Meyers reports that when Daily Mass is not able to be offered in any of the parishes, there is no Communion Service in that parish on that day. Father Meyer contends that while some might see this as a disadvantage, he views it as a positive to foster vocations to the priesthood. Bishop Coyne and Fr. Meyer talk about how Mass schedules are not the only concern in multiple parish settings. Baptism, RCIA, funerals, weddings: these are all vital aspects of parish life that require flexibility on everyone’s part to build up the Body of Christ, the Church.

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  1. Cyndi Voegele says:

    I enjoyed listening to the dialogue about multiple parishes as that is my situation now. Fr. Scott Nobbe our pastor has 4 parishes. Mass schedules, staffing, bi-locating and still being present to the people are the challenges he faces. I’m thankful for our new associate pastor. It is hard for lots of our parishoners….the sense of loss and things that were in place for so long. Prayers for all…patience, kindness and gratefulness!

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